“May 23: a lucky date, that of the birth of my daughter and many other happy moments, a spring period, synonymous with happiness and delicacy, like my collections. »

Once upon a time, May 23...

The ideal birth gift, one that would be both pretty and useful, original and reasonable? We have all looked for it or dreamed of receiving it.
Éléonore too, in vain. So she decides to create it.

Already co-founder of a successful jewelry multi-brand, she returns to her first passion; children's fashion and imagine the box she would have dreamed of: an elegant box that we want to keep containing a complete, powdered, soft and customizable outfit for our babies' first months.
“May 23” was born.

A committed brand where the personality of the designer is reflected through the choice of embroideries which mark all the clothes: sweet words which take up her childish writing.


Customizable boxes

From the content to the choice of embroidery and prints, everything is designed so that you can choose the box that suits you, the one that will allow you to make the ideal birth gift or start your baby's wardrobe.

So give free rein to your imagination. Sweet words, first name, initials, it's you who choose and we who embroider with love in our Parisian workshop.

Each box is made up of pretty decorative cards, scented and prepared with all our love.

Little touches

A favorite? A desire to simply offer? All of our products making up our boxes are available individually.

Also embroider according to your inspiration.

The patterns are in limited editions and change regularly according to the desires, travels and inspirations of the designer, thus making the infant's clothing something truly unique.


Fabrics & Manufacturing

We believe that clothing for newborns must be of good quality and affordable, so we have strived to maintain reasonable prices without compromising the quality of our fabrics or the seriousness of our manufacturing circuits.

We paid particular attention to the choice of fabrics which are all organic and Oeko-Tex certified, thus ensuring the absence of substances harmful to health and the environment.

 The clothes are made in Portugal selected for its commitment to respecting social and environmental standards. All our products are then embroidered in a Parisian workshop.